The role of play

The Role of Play

Quite often, the purpose of the Early Childhood setting is questioned. Mostly as some people from the outside see it as ‘just playing’. However, we know that ‘play’ shapes the architecture of the brain in unique ways; it links social, creative and cognitive skills (Bartlett, 2010) and The United Nations Convention on the Rights of[…]


Simple Soap for Children

Materials 3 cups of soap flakes Liquid food colouring Vegetable oil Water A bowl Procedure Take a bowl and add the soap flakes. Then add VA cups of water and a few drops of the food colouring liquid (children’s colour choice) to the flakes. Using your hand, thoroughly mix the flakes, water and colour until[…]

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Orientation: How did we rate?

This is a good time of year for us to review our Orientation Process. If you are new to the┬áservice, orientation would relate to your experience of getting to know our environment, educators and routine. Or, if you’re an existing family, it could be the transition of your child from one room to another. We[…]


Easter Update

Dear Parents, It feels like Christmas is just behind us and yet here we are now going to Easter break next week. It has certainly been a busy year so far – for children, educators and no doubt families too! We would like to welcome all the new families to Little Assets in 2016. We[…]



Email Communication Email is the quickest and most effective way for us to communicate with our families. We can email you our weekly memos, account statements and reminders. If you are not receiving your newsletters/statements via email please let me know and I can look into it. Sign in and Out Please don’t forget to[…]