February 11, 2016

Learning Areas

Little Assets provides a warm, caring, loving and welcoming environment for all children so that parents feel safe leaving children in our care and children develop increased autonomy and independence to explore and discover their environment. We recognise that early childhood years’ including toddlerhood is a very crucial age for children and hence we cater to their needs by incorporating high quality educational programs that suits both age and curiosity levels. We can always get exceeding results if we try to steer a child’s potential and we well and truly believe it.

Learning Areas

Learning Areas

We provide a supportive, comfortable and challenging environment that compliments each child’s interests and skills. We promote the concepts of ‘belonging, being and becoming’ and actively incorporate the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) into our programs, goals and daily activities.

Our qualified and experienced educators believe that children are individuals with differing interests, needs and qualities. We respect that all children learn and develop at their own pace, and educators support and encourage children to attempt to master new challenges through play. We create a positive, stimulating and nurturing environment to meet the individual needs of all children in our care.

We recognise that families, and their culture backgrounds and beliefs, are the main influence in a child’s life. We actively encourage families to participate in the sharing of ideas, skills, information and cultural practices.

We encourage children to participate in a variety of activities to extend and develop their knowledge and skills. Our quality programs promote each child’s individual skill set by focusing on interests and strengths using digital portfolios to highlight the children’s strengths, interests, and learning dispositions.

We are also very mindful of all children’s dietary requirements and therefore we display a dietary chart as well as an individual chart in the room at all times to ensure that all the children’s special needs are met without any confusion. Sleep times and meals are also recorded for parents to review at pick up time.

Along with indoor play, outdoor play is as important for the holistic development of the children and therefore we provide maximum opportunities for children to enjoy both indoor and outdoor play.

The early years of a child’s life is busy. We believe learning is happening all the time and is interwoven through all developmental domains. These include: physical, social/emotional, cognitive and communication. Therefore, the goal of our program is to make this on-going learning experience safe, positive, and fun, nurturing the whole child as we strive to guide them into the next stage of development with confidence in themselves and an excitement for continued learning.

We have internalised and implemented the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) very closely in our curriculum and hence you will find anything and everything that we put up, or record will be analysed and reflected in terms of the learning outcomes, practice and principles that we borrow from the EYLF. Alongside this, National Quality Standard (NQS) and its quality areas is something that you’ll find us closely incorporating.

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