Little Assets Melbourne have been awarded Exceeding Rating

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Little Assets Childcare Centre: Exceptional Care & Learning

We want you to feel as comfortable and inspired as your little one when they engage in our beautiful indoor/outdoor learning spaces with natural elements.


South Morang Child Care Centre

Little Assets South Morang offers exceptional care and learning to help children reach their full potential.


Melbourne City Child Care Centre

Little Assets CBD offers exceptional care and learning to help children reach their full potential.

Little Assets Early Learning and Childcare Centre is well known for its quality of education and care and also the quality of its team members who provide an entirely family-oriented approach to early education and care.

Family owned and developed, Little Assets is well-known for its aesthetically pleasing, home-like spaces, naturally designed architectural outdoor play spaces and Reggio Emilia inspired curriculum. Our nutritionist developed and family input based seasonal menus are also very popular.



Beautiful indoor/outdoor learning spaces with natural elements.


Exceptional care and learning in our childcare centres.
Everyone needs that peace of mind in knowing their child is happy and thriving when spending time apart at a family daycare. Activities and early childhood education curriculum includes:

  • Outdoor play
  • Foreign languages
  • Value for money
  • Nutritionist Menu

Why Is Early Childhood Education Important?

The first five years of a child’s life are crucial in laying the foundation for their future development and success. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your child is enrolled in a high-quality early childhood education program.

Our team of educators are passionate about early childhood education and strive to provide a stimulating and engaging learning environment for your child. At Little Assets, we believe the environment is important when it comes to your child’s learning, development and of course, FUN.

Our indoor and outdoor learning spaces offer beautiful, safe and engaging play spaces, designed with natural elements that allow your little one to roam freely. While learning within our classrooms provide numerous benefits like enhancing children’s focus and structure, the advantages of outdoor learning spaces have a positive impact on children’s physical health and development, emotional well-being, social skills, communication skills and intellectual development. Also, outdoor play can also help improve attention spans and problem-solving abilities.

We also offer a foreign language program in our Melbourne CBD and South Morang centres, so your child can start learning a new language at an early age. And of course, we place a strong emphasis on value for money, with all of our childcare services being affordable and of great quality.

Plus, our nutritionist developed menus are not only healthy but also delicious, with plenty of family input. So, you can be sure your child is getting the best possible care and nutrition while spending time with us.


Care and Learning for Ages 6 Weeks to 1 Year

When it comes to infants and toddlers, we understand the importance of TLC and F-U-N through learning. At Little Assets Orange Room, we will help your little one develop fundamental physical, social, intellectual and emotional skills through enjoyable, play-based activities.


Care and Learning for Ages 2 to 3 Years

From discovering likes and dislikes to understanding the ‘rules’ of the big world, your toddler is yearning to learn more about themselves – and they’ll have lots of fun doing it, in our Green Room. We’ll help your child develop their fundamental social, fine motor and language skills.


Care and Learning for Ages 1 to 2 Years

Being a toddler is an exciting time of development: Learning new words. Exploring self-expression through tantrums – we embrace it all in our Blue Room. We’ll help your child develop fundamental physical, social, intellectual and emotional skills through enjoyable, play-based activities.


Care and Learning for Ages 3 to 4 Years

It’s official – your child is moving out of babyhood and into childhood. And with kindergarten just around the corner, our Purple Room (or Pre-kindergarten Room) is the perfect fit for this stage of development. We’ll help continue to develop your child’s independence, self-esteem and co-operation skills, while helping them to socialise and play with others.


Care and Learning for Ages 1.5 to 2.5 Years

As your curious and eager toddler continues to become more independent, our Red Room team will be with them every step of the way. We’ll encourage your child to explore various types of physical play to help them develop their fundamental skills.


Care and Learning for Ages 4 to 6 Years

Congratulations – your little one is taking that big step into Kindergarten. In our Yellow Room, we will help prepare your child for primary school in a stimulating environment designed to help them grow both socially and emotionally.



Parents Say About Us


I can’t speak highly enough of the team at Little Assets. Our daughter started here for 3 year old kinder (Purple Room), progressing to 4 year old kinder (Yellow Room) and absolutely loves it. Her time at the centre brings her great joy and she feels loved by everyone. She’s developed a strong bond with all of the educators and office staff and as a parent, they’re all very approachable and easy to discuss anything with. From a learning perspective, she’s doing incredibly well with her writing and they have done a fantastic job at scaffolding her knowledge with her reading skills already underway ahead of primary school next year. They’ve also helped her with her social development and she’s made wonderful friends. The facilities are excellent and the outdoor playground is the nicest I’ve seen at an inner city centre – a hidden oasis on the Yarra. I toured a few centres but signed up to Little Assets immediately when we visited because I knew we had found something special. We couldn’t be happier with the care and education our daughter has received in her early years.

Mel Kershaw

I highly recommend Little Assets if you are looking for a centre! Our son has been coming to Little Assets since he was 4 months old. We did leave for 4 months as a centre opened up next door to our home but we missed Little Assets so much we came back! For us the quality of learning and the close bonds we had made with staff its worth the drive into the city. Anjali was so accommodating getting us back in. The centre has such a warm family vibe. I love the children’s projects and art work there is always something to look forward to in the week, Bop along music, Sports for kinder, cooking and there was a wildlife incursion last week….so much fun for the children! The same educators have been here since we first arrived which goes to show it is a great place for parents and children but also the educators who are praised for their hard work. Educator of the month is such a lovely touch.


Exceptional daycare, very caring and highly qualified staff; I’ve had my two children enrolled since they were babies and I’ve always been very happy with the care and education!! Lots of different activities incorporated into the curriculum like auslan sign language, sports, music classes, Japanese and Mandarin, cooking, gardening and lots of playing!! I feel my two have really thrived here!!

Melissa Franks

Little Assets childcare has been like the second home to our little one who joined as early as 7 months , the educators have been so involved , encouraging , considerate , kind , loving and fun that our little one has enjoyed everyday walking though those doors . The education plans are so well designed to foster growth mindset in the kids . He also has a special medical condition and the educators have left no stone unturned to ensure safety and well being of our child and we are thankful to them for the bottom of our hearts for acknowledging all our requests and going above and beyond for his care . This childcare has been a very integral part of our child’s early years and it has my highest recommendation for any little one and parents who are looking for a safe, encouraging, healthy, happy and fun learning environment. A special call out to the director of the centre Anjali who is really sweet , encouraging and is so involved with every kid’s well being at the centre .

Tanya Sentiya

I’ve been sending my son to little assets for a few months now and to say I am pleased is an understatement. The educators are friendly, nurturing and go above and beyond – nothing is too big or too hard for them. Aesthetically, a beautiful facility for kids! If you are Looking for somewhere that offers great care, nurturing staff and flexible learning then this is the place! Take a tour and judge for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

Tegan Holmes

We have been sending our daughter to Little Assets since 2018 and we have seen her flourish over the years. She has made great friends there and always looks forwards to going in the morning. Educators take great care of her and takes the time to communicate all the little details relating to her learning journey. There’s lots of different programs they run on a weekly basis such as sports, music and languages, which is such a bonus. Thanks Little Assets.

Leanne Simon

Little Assets is fantastic, you shouldn’t have any hesitation putting your kids into care here as they are a wonderful bunch who do an incredible job not only taking care of your kids, but also helping them develop. My wife and I have been looking at other childcare centers closer to home after moving and the difference in quality between what we have been used to at Little Assets and at other places we have visited is huge. Very few places compare, and they all have huge waiting lists for a good reason

Matthew Wheeler

This Early Learning environment is a truly wonderful place, where children are capable learners and share an important partnership in their learning journey. Educators are passionate, experienced, knowledgable and dedicated to the children’s care and continuous educational evolvement. Centre is managed with considerate professionalism, kindness and a high level of positive regard for the entire Little Assets community.

Sara Gendron

Would highly recommend this day care. Writing this on behalf of our daughter who was here for close to a year. She just loved the day care and would wake up every morning looking forward to going to day care. Nothing more a parent can ask for when you drop your child at day care and she happily tells you Bye and you know shes gonna enjoy here day. Good and caring educators. Multicultural. Plenty of activities like drawing ,painting, gardening ,open play and a lot more. Keep up the good work.

Praveen Pinto

I am short of words when it comes to thanking little assets for all their love and care towards my daughter shlokha. She was with them in Green and purple room. Having moved to a new country and letting her out of site the hold day was very terrifying but little assets gave me that confidence that she is in safe hands. She made a lot of friends and learnt to be independent. I have to give credit to the little assets team for shaping her social skills and boosting her confidence along with wisdom. Early education is very important as it is the stepping stone for the future and they laid it right, they encouraged her curiosity by doing interesting experiments, play way learning , art form of learning, show and tell physical fitness, the list goes on. Shlokha was always eager to start the day at little assets she wouldn’t want to miss a single day there. Overall a safe and nurturing environment that feeds food for the curious growing minds In a fun and interesting way by caring and responsible staff – little assets is indeed an asset for the little ones.

Padmavathi Sundaram

Total gem of a find, hidden up at the corner of the city. The place is fantastically run, and the carers bring love and enthusiasm to the place. The care and passion is very apparent top down, from the management, to each staff member who interacts with the kids daily. If you would like your child to grow and learn in a loving environment, this is definitely the place.

Eugene Khoo

Little assets has been the best places and experiences for Adhvik. He has been part of little assets since he was just about a year old to around 4 years of age and enjoyed every bit in each and every room. Special mention to Anjali for being such an excellent administrator so much prompt in terms of handling any billing related issues and excellent support whenever we had any issues in terms of general care. All educators at little assets have walked an extra mile to take care of adhvik especially in the days when he was slightly unwell.the care and attitude of educators in terms of providing food , teaching him so much has been exemplary. Definitely would recommend it to everyone. It’s totally worth it !!

Ganesh Thiagarajan



Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

Our Service is committed to safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. We understand our responsibilities and statutory duty of care to comply with both the Victorian Child Safe Standards and the Reportable Conduct Scheme to build our capacity as an organisation to prevent and respond to allegations of child abuse.