Transition of Children Process

Transition of Children Process 

As part of their journey, the children in our care will transition from home to childcare, room to room and then from childcare to school. We aim to make these transitions as smooth as possible so use some useful guidelines to support this process. 




During every one of these transitions phases the Educators will share information about the child.

Home to Childcare: Parent will provide information to support the transition,

Room to Room: Educators share detailed information about the child’s progress and development. The child enjoys ‘orientation’ days for as long as needed to ease them into the new space.

Childcare to School: Relationships are formed with Teachers, visits to the school where possible and transition reports are completed.


Transition times offer a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the child. Educators and family are constantly sharing information that relates to the child’s development, learning and well-being. Many methods are used in this learning process including observations, digital portfolios, planning, assessments of learning, conversations, photographs, meetings, reports etc.


Assisting each child to grow to their full potential is our aim, and by ensuring these transitions are effective we believe we can guide and support children and their families to feel confident as they continue their learning journey.