Enrollment / Orientation Process

Enrollment / Orientation Process

Choosing childcare can be an emotional and sometimes stressful time. We aim to ease this stress by explaining to all new families what we provide and how we can support them. We encourage families to book a tour of our facility either by completing “Request a Tour” form available on the homepage of our website or via emailing our Centre Manger directly at melbournecity@littleassets.com.au.

We encourage first hand communication so that together we can make an informed decision about the educational service if families wish to enroll their child in. If we are unable to accommodate your request straight away, we request families to complete a “Waiting List Registration Form” which is also available on our website. We can then keep in contact with the families and inform them should a position become available.

We enjoy showing our prospective new families and children through our service. These tours provide Parents and children with opportunities to meet Educators, engage with activities and ask as many questions as they wish. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to help meet the needs of families and children and showcase our beautiful space.


As every child and family are unique we prefer to personalise their orientation experience to suit them. Some children may require short and more frequent visits before their first day while others may prefer only 1 day of orientation before they start. During this time we work with families and the child to ensure their experience is as enjoyable as possible.

When a Parent has chosen us as their preferred Early Education service we provide them with a detailed enrollment pack with all the information they require for their journey with us. When all information is returned we develop a personalised orientation for them.

The First Day

The first day is a huge step for both Parent and child and again, we try and make this as enjoyable as possible and stress free. We ensure there are activities their child will enjoy, we keep in contact with the Parent during the day and usually recommend the first day is a little shorter than normal so the child can ease into their new space. Parents are informed with an update on their child’s progress via photos, picture stories and videos published on our digital communication tool called EDUCA.

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