April 1, 2016

Our Healthy Menus

Our Healthy Kindergarten Menus

At Little Assets, we believe in the importance of helping children understand what their bodies need to stay healthy. We consider meal times a great opportunity for social interaction and to create a healthy, positive attitude towards food. Little Assets promotes healthy eating both at the centre and at home.

It’s important that every child receives the right nutrients as they grow. When children eat well, it’s easier for them to focus and take in the day’s learning with enthusiasm. Many conversations at our centre are about our food choices. We might talk about ‘sometimes food’ and ‘daily food’, encouraging children to think critically about the options available to them.

Week 1 menu

Week 2 menu

Week 3 menu

Week 4 menu

Teaching Children about Their Food Choices

As a part of the educational experience, our meals are prepared and served at the centre. We provide hot meals for lunch, such as mixed vegetables, soups, pasta and rice. These meal options rotate on a weekly basis, and we also incorporate fresh, seasonal variations in produce.

Because we take health and nutrition seriously, we have a qualified cook on site to prepare our kindergarten meals. He incorporates fresh ingredients and low-sugar, low-salt recipes to create a great culture of healthy eating. It’s easy to make good choices when the choices are this good!

Catering to Individual Needs

We’re well-versed in dietary requirements for children, and we’re able to cater to a wide range of needs in our kindergarten menus. For example, we can provide gluten-free, lactose-free, anaphylaxis-friendly and celiac food options, as well as the religious requirements of Halal foods. We are an “egg-free” and “nut-free” centre. When you enrol your child with us, we’ll show you the menu and give you the chance to discuss your child’s requirements with us. You will also have input when we revise our menus.

An Overview of Our Daily Meal Program

Breakfast – Cereal and Toast: served before 8am
Morning Tea – Fresh Fruit Platter: served with milk or water
Lunch – Hot Meals: served with water and wholemeal/wholegrain breads
Afternoon Tea – Savoury Treats: served with water or milk
Late Snack – Assorted Sandwiches: a variety of sandwiches containing vegemite, unsweetened jam, cheese spread and butter

Nutritional Requirements for Each Age Group

Each age group requires a different level of nutrition and diet. The carers at Little Assets will work with you to determine the ideal structure for feeding your child.

6 weeks to 1 year

The ultimate source of nutrition for this age group is breast milk – this is something we will discuss with you if you are breastfeeding. However, infant formula can be a substitute and babies can be introduced to solids at around 6 months old. Little Assets will cater to your personal preferences when it comes to feeding your infant and sticking to your routine.


We have differing rooms for each age group of our toddlers; however, their feeding requirements are often very similar. By offering a healthy, balanced selection of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy products and lean proteins, Little Assets will assist in their development and learning capabilities. We also work to restrict their access to sugary and salty snacks.


Pre-kinder children require adequate nutrition to enhance their concentration in a childcare environment. As they grow, your child will be fed in accordance to their level of appetite – this is why we offer so many variations of mealtimes so children can be fed when they are hungry.


Children preparing to enter formal schooling are often at risk of overeating more so than undereating. In this age group, it is crucial that children receive a diet that emphasises fresh fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and enriched grains to make sure their vitamin E, folic acid and calcium levels remain optimal. Little Assets takes the time to ensure children receive everything they need during the day.

Get in Touch for More Information

To discuss your child’s dietary requirements or find out more about our kindergarten menus in Melbourne, contact us online or call (03) 9620 2887.