April 1, 2016

The Parent Handbook

Information for Parents

At Little Assets Early Learning Centre, families and educators come together to share, learn and grow while each child reaches their maximum potential. In our Parent Handbook, you’ll find crucial information on our childcare centre in Melbourne and learn about the day-to-day practices we uphold. Below, we’re explaining some of the key sections of the handbook.


Parent Handbook

Read the Parent Handbook PDF here.


About Us – Our Philosophy and Values

Learn about our educators and the early learning centre itself. Little Assets is dedicated to planning and reviewing our practices regularly.


Our Curriculum

Little Assets follows the Early Years Learning Framework to achieve a range of learning outcomes that will benefit your child. Learn more about the technology we use and how parents can get involved.


Enrolment Information

Discover our enrolment guidelines to help you quickly and effectively become a part of our community. Read about our fees, payments and bond requirements.


Daily Requirements

Learn how to sign in and out of Little Assets each day, and discover the most efficient way to pick up and drop off your child. This section also covers sick days and late pick-ups.


Health and Wellbeing

Read about our sickness and incident policies, and gain valuable insight into clothing and toileting your child while they receive their early education.


Food and Nutrition

We offer nutritious meals for all dietary requirements. Discover how we plan meals, and read our policy on bringing outside food into the centre.


Our Community

We partner with neighbours, schools, local businesses and organisations to foster a sense of community while teaching children the importance of giving back.


Starting Your Journey

Learn how to prepare and pack for your child’s first day at Little Assets. Knowing what to expect can make the transition much easier.


Raising Concerns

Read our processes for raising concerns about your child’s education and wellbeing at Little Assets. Your feedback helps us continuously improve.


Get in Touch for Further Information

If you have a question and can’t find the answers in the Parent Handbook, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. You can call us on (03) 9620 2887 or contact us online.