May 30, 2016

Health and Safety Policy

It is our commitment to provide a safe environment for children so that they can explore, discover and learn and for educators so that they can nurture and educate children in a safe and pleasant environment.

Children have the right to feel safe and secure while they’re learning with us. So, we focus on making sure that every environment is kept free from risks and hazards. We also teach children to be mindful of their own safety, growing their independence in an age-appropriate way.

Our health and safety procedures keep us engaged with the safety practices on a daily basis. For example, our indoor and outdoor checks make sure that our equipment and resources are kept safe and clean. We think about building safety, complete open and close checklists and ensure all toys are age-appropriate and functioning correctly. All children are supervised and nurtured.

Children also take part in safety practices. With regular fire drills, every child knows what to do if there was to be an emergency at our centre. We also learn about sun safety together, making sure to cover and protect ourselves throughout the day.