helping children reach their full potential

A red slide and climbing frame in the outdoor play area at Little Assets Melbourne Early Learning Centre


At Little Assets, providing the best possible early learning is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we base our curriculum directly on the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia and the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework. This all-inclusive learning program provides practices, principles and outcomes for your child, their family and educators – all of who contribute to your little one’s further development.

But best of all, it encourages your child to learn while having fun.

Creating learning experiences every day through play

Your child will learn and develop fundamental skills through a variety of play-based activities that focus on their needs and strengths. These enjoyable, ever-changing learning experiences will feature a wide range of topics and interests, encouraging your child to become an open-minded, curious learner. And because every child learns differently, we tailor each activity according to their needs, to help them reach their full potential.

So by the time your little one takes the big step into primary school, they will be ready to progress as a confident, capable member of their school community.


Research shows that quality education and care during the early years leads to improved health, learning and employment outcomes for children. That’s why at Little Assets, we’re proud to be rated Exceeding of the National Quality Framework (NQF) in Australia.

We continuously strive to provide high quality in all areas of the NQF – regularly assessing how our centre meets the Quality Areas, forming Quality Improvement Plans, and assisting in the Assessment and
Rating Process.

It’s our way of ensuring your child receives the best possible education – now and into the future.