April 1, 2016

Indoor/Outdoor Program for Melbourne kids

Creative Childcare Programmes for Children In Melbourne CBD

At Little Assets Early Learning Centre, we come together to share, learn and grow. Our aim is to inspire lifelong learning along the way. We focus on beautiful and engaging play spaces that are designed with natural elements that enable children to flow freely between the indoor and outdoor learning environments.

Our centre has been specially created to provide a safe, nurturing and dynamic learning environment for children. Our high-quality educational program features a child-centred approach that recognises the unique characteristics of each child, with routines that are progressive, flexible and tailored to meet their needs.

The Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children

Of course, the majority of classroom activities are held indoors – we believe this is extremely important to enhance focus and structure. We also put a high

When it comes to day care in Melbourne’s bustling city, it can be a rare event for children to spend time outdoors; however, the benefits of this kind of learning are numerous for every age group we cater to.

Learning Physical Skills

Children need the opportunity to practice their physical abilities. When they play outside, children naturally run, jump, skip and throw balls – this strengthens their muscles and increases their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. When children are active, they’re more likely to remain healthy and engaged.

Increasing Self-Awareness

When children take minor risks during outdoor play, they gain information about their abilities and limitations. In our outdoor play area, children learn how high they can climb, their balance capabilities and how fast they can run!

Playing with Imagination

Creative thinking is encouraged during outdoor, unstructured play as they make up games, activities and characters. This extremely fun and fascinating childhood phase is important for helping your child develop language skills and social/emotional interactions with others.

Lessons in the Environment

Children can connect with nature when they play outdoors, learning what makes plants grow and the life cycle of animals and insects. While remaining safe and clean, your child will foster a crucial attachment to our natural world at Little Assets.


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