February 28, 2016

Purple Room – Childcare for 3 to 4 year olds

Little Purple Asset

Early Learning Centre playroom for 3-4 year olds

Melbourne Childcare Centre for 3 to 4 year olds

Purple Room at the Little Assets Childcare Centre in Melbourne CBD is our pre-kindergarten room for children aged 3 to 4 years. It is run by a Bachelor-trained early childhood teacher.

In this room, your child will:

  • continue to develop their independence, self-esteem, confidence, and co-operation skills in group situations
  • learn to socialise and play with other children
  • further develop their language, motor and creative skills, along with their cognitive abilities
  • be introduced to concepts of numeracy, literacy, problem solving, etc.

The Purple Room offers programs that are central to children’s developmental needs, as well as experiences that prepare them for kindergarten. Our pre-kinder environment enables children to gain an appreciation for literacy and numeracy; to work as a part of a group, to listen to others; to think, investigate and solve problems; to feel a sense of belonging, safety, security and acceptance.

Some examples of the experiences your child might have are pre-writing, art and craft (painting, cutting, gluing, and constructing), pre-reading (matching pictures and patterns), imaginative play and dramatic play. Your child will also create a compilation of their work and learning progress in the form of a digital portfolio, which they will often show you with pride.


About Our Childhood Educator: Sebrina Teoh

Sebrina Purple team leader

My name is Sebrina and I am the Purple Room’s early childhood teacher. I hold a degree in Education (Primary) and have my Masters in Education from Melbourne University. I also have a Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education at RMIT University.

I come from a very diverse family and background. I am originally Chinese but grew up in Malaysia, I have relatives from China, Malaysia, and Thailand, then migrated to Australia when I was sixteen and attended an independent boarding school in Kew, Victoria. As I have relatives from several countries I have learnt that communication and trust are two main ingredients to building a successful relationship. With this in mind, I have come to appreciate and understand the fundamentals of building trust and that it takes both sides to build a bridge. As we all share a common goal and want only the best for our children, I hope that we can all help one another build a fruitful and educational platform for our children during their early childhood years. I am always welcome to any feedbacks, ideas, and suggestions that you would like to share about Purple Room.


I have previously worked with Only About Children (OAC) as an assistant teacher in South Melbourne. Apart from that, I also teach children dance during my spare time as I find dancing a great element that enables children to express their thoughts and emotions. Coming from a multicultural background, I speak five different languages at home and therefore will be running Mandarin lessons for the children in Purple Room. 

Children are active learners. They have great capabilities of exploring and understanding the world, which they achieve in their own unique ways. I believe that, as educators, we should be able to cater for the different learning needs children have while planning and guiding them through their learning experiences, which should be tailored to meet individual interests. Every child has their own way of learning and every one of them is special.

I respect children from different cultural backgrounds and religions. I encourage children to speak English and their home language during their journey of development, as being bilingual (or multilingual) allows children to view the world from different perspectives. I also understand that families have diverse expectations for their children and it is critical to work with the families as a collaborative team. I believe establishing a trustworthy relationship with the parents promotes a child’s development by giving us insights within both the centre and their home.

Overall, I believe as educators, our duty is not to push a child’s development, as we should have a strong understanding that children develop at different paces. We treat all children and families with respect and work as a team to create the best learning experiences for the children.

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