February 28, 2016

Purple Room

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Yiwen Zhang

Yiwen Zhang

My name is Yiwen Zhang, I am the Pre Kinder Room’s (purple room) early childhood teacher. I hold a Bachelor degree in Education (primary) and a Master degree in Education at Melbourne University. I also pursued a Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education at RMIT University. The experience of working as a casual staff in different settings across Melbourne has offered me opportunities to gain more understanding about young children’s development.

Children are active learners, they have capabilities of exploring and understanding the world throughout their own ways. I believe as educators, we should be able to cater for children’s different learning needs, plan and guide them through the learning experiences to meet individual interests. Every child has their own way of learning and every one of them is special. Educators should provide a variety of resources and learning activities for children to expand their play experiences and therefore create more learning opportunities for children’s active learning.

I respect children from different cultural backgrounds and religions. I encourage children to speak English and home language during their journey of development, being bilingual (or multilingual) allows children to view the world in different perspectives. I also understand that different families have different expectations on their children and it is critical to work with the families as a collaborative team to communicate what their expectations are. I believe establishing trustworthy relationship with the parents promotes children’s development since we are able to gain more insights of the children from the centre and home.

Overall, I believe as educators we do not rush to push children’s development, we should have a well understanding that children do have different developing pace. We treat all children and their family with respect and work as a team to create the best learning experiences for the children

Purple Room is our Pre-Kinder room for children aged 3 to 4 years. It is run by a bachelor trained early childhood teacher.

In this room, your child will:

  • Continue to develop their independence, self-esteem, confidence, and co-operation in a group situation
  • Learn to socialise and play with other children
  • Further develop their language, motor, creative skills as well as their cognition.

Purple Room provides programs that are central to children’s developmental needs, and experiences that prepare them for kindergarten. Our pre-kinder environment enables the children to gain appreciation for literacy and numeracy; to work as a part of a group, to listen to others; to think, investigate and solve problems; to feel a sense of belonging, safe, secure, and accepted.

Some examples of the experiences your child might get are pre-writing, art and craft (painting, cutting, gluing, and constructing), pre-reading (matching pictures and patterns), imaginative play and dramatic play.

Your child will also have a compilation of their work and learning progress in the form of a digital portfolio to show you their accomplishments with pride.