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The outdoor play area at Little Assets centre with plants in front and skyscrapers in the background


At Little Assets, we believe environment is everything when it comes to your child’s learning, development and of course, FUN. That’s why we’re proud to offer beautiful, safe and engaging play spaces, designed with natural elements that allow your little one to roam freely from our indoor to outdoor learning environments.

While learning within our classrooms provide numerous benefits like enhancing children’s focus and structure, we’re particularly delighted to offer the advantages of outdoor spaces, here in the city.

After all, outdoor learning:

Strengthens physical skills

Children naturally run, jump, skip and throw balls when they’re outside – strengthening muscles, increasing motor skills and improving hand-eye coordination. Plus, the more active children can be, the more likely they’ll remain healthy and engaged.

Increases self-awareness

When children take minor risks during outdoor play, they learn more about their abilities and limitations. Our outdoor play areas will give your child a great idea of how high they can climb, how well they can balance and how fast they can run.

Inspires imaginative play

There’s nothing like the outdoors to inspire creative, unstructured play. Outdoor activities, games, and role-play provide perfect opportunities for children to develop their language skills and social/emotional interactions with others. And have a whole lot of fun doing it.

Introduces the natural world

Playing outside encourages a free-flowing education of a child’s natural surroundings. Whether learning how plants grow or how insects live, such an experience fosters an all-important respect for nature that children can carry forward into the future.

Inside and out, the best-quality education awaits your child at Little Assets.


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