April 1, 2016


“It’s an awesome feeling when you see your child happy everyday she returns from her child care. This builds confidence in us as parents that we really made a wonderful choice by sending our kid to Little Assets who are really for giving kids better exposure and lessons of life”.

Nidhi & Amit Sawhney

The carers at Little Assets made the transition to daycare and me returning to work effortless by creating an environment which has enabled Liam to thrive. Under their guidance, we’re watching him develop his motor and social skills through a creative array of activities. It’s a delight to see him not only achieving milestones but enjoying his time at Little Assets.

Janette Henstridge

We have our peace of mind knowing that Zoey is learning and growing in an amazing & secure environment. The carers have had such a huge contribution in shaping her personality. There is always the additional support provided by the centre head that’s simply amazing. We love you Little Assets!

Fenny Shah

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Living a long way from our parents, we are so grateful that Little Assets is part of Zachary’s village, freeing us up to be better, well rounded, calmer and more effective parents.

Sharon & Malcolm Koh

There’s a saying that foundation plays a very vital role when it comes to learning & education as they aim to boost up the ladder of knowledge & wisdom. We’re glad that we laid a foundation stone of learning for our kid here where he is becoming more and more creative & confident. He is not only learning logic but also how to take his mind beyond imagination. I can foresee my kid is already on his way for better life and it’s because of “Little Assets” who is giving better learning as an asset to my little one which he will treasure throughout his life.

Sheetal Solanki & Kurnic Barua

“Thank You for all your patience till I uttered my first word,
support till I jumped my first hurdle,
cuddles till that peaceful sleep,
teaching on manners, culture and behaviour,
guidance till I counted numbers,
for my transition from infancy to early childhood.
Thank You Little Assets”

Amrita & Soumya Pattanayak

The happiness of Gabriel talking about his school and telling the whole family about how great his school is and all the good things that they do is the moment when you realise that you have chosen the right place for your child

Diana Pinzon Roa

“Memories are made with special ones around,
Trust and love is what in each one of you, we found
Our bub has been cared by you in such precious ways
You will hold a special place in each of his budding phase.”

Nicky Rohilla

Our Indiana has been with Little Assets from 7months of age, and they truly have been a second family for her. It’s the best!! With Little Assets love and care she has grown to be a confident and fun loving girl. Thanks to everyone at Little Assets! Congratulations on the 10year achievement, in our two years you have all been wonderful and always looked after us – I love how attached to certain teachers Indi gets, am very confident in the work you guys all do! Thanks again! 🙂

Amy Kimber

Little Assets has made a difference in our lives by allowing us both to work and enjoy raising our children. The convenience, flexibility with hours and days means it seamlessly integrates with our lifestyle.  Both of our children have had many great teachers and experiences over the past 4 years.

Nick Kenn

 “Worried we were about Adhvik’s first Play School,
New to the country and Little Assets was super cool!
Tears used to run down your cheeks as I left your side,
The Teachers were so loving to care and guide!
Playgrounds, toys and yummy food, there’s so much to learn and play
That nowadays you are always happy, never in dismay!
Little Assets has completed the golden ten
Hope it grows and becomes much more fun!”

Gayathri Balasubramanian

Bringing our daughter to Little Assets has been one of the best decisions we have made as parents. Olvia has been with the centre since she was 6 months old and has developed into a confident, social and inquisitive 2 year old. Little Assets is so much more than child care, but a perfect example of what early childhood education should be. It means so much to have complete trust in the educators who are responsible for her health, well-being, intellectual and emotional development, and despite having moved away from the CBD since starting our daughter here, we have no interest in find a new centre closer to home..

Glen & Hana – Father & Mother

I have taken time out to write this email to give you my appreciation of  the team at Little Assets Melbourne City.  I can’t say enough about the quality and dedication of these two and the rest of the staff at the Siddeley street location.  Everyday my wife or I walk into the premises we are always greeted with a big smile or a cheerful hello and we are extremely satisfied and happy that our daughter is getting the best education and teaching that can be offered to her today.

I would also like to comment on the wonderful welcoming our daughter receives every morning from all staff that we encounter; this makes her feel welcome so she is not sad to leave mum and dad.

We had the opportunity to take Paris to another child care which was considered to be one of the best in Melbourne but we decided to leave her at Little Assets due to the wonderful staff followed by a quality program.

We look forward to the coming years at little assets.

Raymond and Mary – Father & Mother

We would like to express our sincere thanks for the care that everyone took for our child during his time at Little Assets Melbourne City.  He had a very good time gaining friends with the other children and staff; he achieved some great communication skills in English. We as parents felt comfort in having him at Little Assets Melbourne City without any hesitation.

Chitha & Veena – Parents

Thank you Little Assets Melbourne City teachers for your nurturing care and attention you have given to our son. He started day care at 2 ½ and took a while to settle in with not being at home with mum. The time and care taken to settle him in was wonderful, he soon warmed to all the teachers. What I think is exceptional is that each child is cared for individually with an educational program created and tracked with regular updates. His capability at home has greatly improved; he wants to help clean and cook and now enjoys a routine.  The room teachers cared for our son like he was part of their family which is comforting for us as we wanted him to go to day care to explore his ability’s socially, mentally and emotionally. We like how his manners have developed; ‘’please, thank you, you’re welcome.’’ It’s great when you know that when he hurts himself or feels upset he will be cared for and have fun too.  I recommend Little Assets Melbourne City particularly to parents who haven’t gone through the day care system as we felt supported and informed, and can see the benefits in our son’s development with tips from the teachers on how we can help him on his path through life.

Greg & Lauretta – Parents