April 1, 2016

Your Child’s First Day

First Day At Little Assets

On your arrival to the centre, a permanent educator from your child’s room will welcome you and your child and introduce you to the team. Your child may wish to stand and watch, or they may possibly be ready to join in an activity straight away. Let your child get a sense for the new surroundings and go at his/her own pace as they feel comfortable.

You will be shown the:

  • Room sign in sheets
  • Pockets in the foyer
  • Parents information board
  • Child lockers
  • Bathroom/Nappy changing area
  • Program planning

Saying Goodbye

When you feel comfortable (15-20 minutes after you arrive) we suggest saying goodbye to your child and telling him/her that you have to go but you will be back later on to collect them. Be honest with your child and tell them that you are leaving. Let them know where you are going and that you will be back. From experience, we have found that it is easier for the child to settle if the leaving process is reasonably quick. Be positive. Children sense when their parents are upset or worried and this increases their anxiety. Encourage your child to look forward to their day. Please be assured the educators are committed to ensuring this settling in period for your child is as enjoyable and easy as possible. Feel free to ring the centre at any time during the day to find out how your child is doing. The educators will also call you should your child continue to be really upset and unable to settle.