April 1, 2016

Your Child’s First Day at Little Assets

We understand how nerve-wracking it can be to transition your child from at-home care to professional day care. There are many benefits of childcare, including socialising with other children and receiving a high-quality education. On your child’s first day at Little Assets, you will both be welcomed by a permanent educator from your child’s age-specific room.

Your child may wish to stand and watch the other children, or they could possibly be ready to join an activity straight away! Every child is different, so we let each of them get a sense of their new surroundings and progress at their own comfortable pace.

On the first day, you will be shown the:

  • room sign-in sheets
  • pockets in the foyer
  • parent information board
  • child lockers
  • bathroom/nappy-changing area
  • program planning

Saying Goodbye to Your Child

As soon as you feel comfortable, usually 15-20 minutes after arriving, we suggest that you say goodbye to your child, tell them where you’re going and that you will be back later to collect them. We have found from experience that children can settle easier if the goodbye process is reasonably fast.

Children can sense when their family members are upset or worried and this can cause anxiety, so remember to stay positive! Be assured that our educators are committed to ensuring this settling in period is enjoyable and easy for your child. You may also call and find out how your child is doing at any time during the day! We won’t hesitate to call you if your child is having a lot of difficulty settling in, so you needn’t worry about them being upset.

Join the Little Assets Community

From the moment you arrive, your child becomes a part of our community. We take the necessary steps to help them transition and progress in their development. For more information on your child’s first day, or for enrollment details, get in touch with the team at Little Assets Early Learning Centre. Call us on (03) 9620 2887 or contact us online.