February 11, 2016

About Us

Who we are

Parent Company – Asset 1

Little Assets is a privately owned and managed company which is owned by Asset 1.

Our Vision

Our vision at Little Assets is to be #1 in Early Childhood Education. We provide exceptional care and are educational specialists of children aged one month to six years of age.

Our centre have been specially designed to provide an environment which is safe, nurturing, and dynamic for individual learning. The high quality education program features a child-centred approach that recognises the unique characteristics of each individual child, with routines that are flexible and tailored to meet their needs.  This learning is supported and extended by teaching staff who are training or fully qualified in early childhood education.

Little Assets recognises that children’s education is a journey. Our train logo represents the journey children take while attending our centre. Children begin this journey at different ages and stages in their life. A train ride enables children to hop on and off at different stages of their development but also enables the children’s family to get on board and be involved in the child’s journey. This is essential to create collaborative partnership with the children’s families.

We believe our teachers take on the role as the train driver. They drive the children’s learning by providing environments that foster growth and stimulate children to the extent each individual needs.

The train tracks symbolise that all the children in the centre are heading in the same direction. The train heads forward as we aim to encourage children’s knowledge and skills of the world around them.