Anjali Rauniyar (Centre Manager)

Anjali has been working as a Centre Manger for Little Assets for the past 4 years. Prior to this, she worked in the capacity of Assistant Manager for 3 years at Little Assets. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social work, Diploma in Community welfare and also Diploma in Children’s services and has over 10 years’ experience in early childhood education.

She believes that working in partnership with families is vital in creating a community where children feel safe and secure. Having worked in a number of different fields relating to children and their well- being in both Nepal and Australia, she brings in a mix of culture; passion for learning and a strong drive to ensure the wellbeing and education of children is given utmost priority.

Samantha Weller (Assistant Director)

Sam has been a part of the Little Assets family since August 2011 and also has over 10 years’ experience in the Early Childhood Education. She is passionate about providing a nurturing environment for children and believes in working closely with families as a vital part in creating a community where not only children feel safe and secure but the family as a whole.

Annie Liu (Educational Leader)

Annie has been working as an Early Childhood Teacher (Kinder Teacher) at Little Assets since June, 2015. She completed her 1st Master of Teaching at Melbourne Uni in 2011 and her 2nd Master of Teaching (Early Childhood) at Monash Uni.Annie is also our Educational Leader and has been very involved in the professional development and mentoring of the educators at Little Assets. He has attended Reggio Emilia Conference as a part of her own professional development and has assimilated a lot of her learning in creating our own curriculum at Little Assets.

Jasmin Robles (Team Leader)

Jasmin has been working at Little Assets for 4 years now and is the Team Leader in Blue Room. She is a mum of two and is a natural around children. She is warm, passionate and extremely caring. She believes that all children are individuals and need to be catered depending on their interests, needs, culture and developmental stages.

Yaoping Hu (Team Leader)

Yaoping Hu also known as Ping is the Team Leader of Blue Room. She is a mother of two and comes from a Chinese background. She has been working at Little Assets since March 2011. She loves children and enjoys playing with them by supporting their interests and developmental needs. She also believes that parents are the child’s first educators and therefore encourages parental participation and input at all times, whilst respecting individual lifestyles, values and beliefs, and their rights and opinions.

Ashleigh Toman (Team Leader)

Ashleigh has Diploma in children’s services and currently is enrolled in Bachelors of Early Childhood Education. She work as a Team Leader for our 2-3 year old room which is also known as our Green room. She has a passion for watching children learn and grow by setting up engaging play spaces for them to learn from. She has been with Little Assets for over 4 years now.

Nenka Geyer (Team Leader)

Nenka is the Team Leader in Red Room. She has natural nurturing skills and great interactive skills. She loves being around children. And children love being around her. Her social and friendly nature makes her capable of connecting with children. For her, it is the most fulfilling career ever.

Melissa Jiang (Team Leader)

Melissa is the Team Leader and Early Childhood Teacher for Purple Room which is also our 3 year old Pre-Kinder. She finds working with children extremely fulfilling and is always finding new ways to help children reach their full potential. She is calm and relaxed in her approach which definitely is a must skill to have as an early childhood educator.



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