Our FAQ section is your go to zone to get an answer into some of your child care related queries. Please browse through the questions below to see if the information highlighted covers the questions you may have. In the instance where you still can’t find the exact information you’re after, we’re always happy to talk to you directly and offer you the most appropriate advice/information.

1. What are the staff to child ratios?

0-2 years 1:4
2-3 years 1:4
3-5 years 1:11

2. How do I join the waitlist?

You can join our waitlist by simply completing the waitlist registration form available on our website. It is available under the “CONTACT” tab. Please be specific as to which centre you are wanting to put the waitlist with.

3. Is there a fee to join the waitlist?

No, it is absolutely free and only takes a couple of minutes to complete it. You can complete it on your desktop, tablet or any mobile device

4. How do I request to visit the centre?

You can do so by completing a “Request a Tour” form on the website under “CONTACT” tab. Please ensure you add your preferred centre for the tour.

5. Is there any initial payment requirement to confirm the spot?

For all enrolments to be confirmed, we ask for an initial payment of 1 weeks gross fees depending on the number of days you want the child enrolled in care for. The bond or security deposit is fully refunded after the child ceases care having provided 4 weeks written notice for the same. If the enrolment is cancelled before the commencement date, the full initial payment will be forfeited.

6. Is there a minimum number of days required for enrolment?

The minimum enrolment is 2 days. We feel any less than this can be too upsetting for children as they cannot settle and form attachment with other children or teachers. It can also be difficult for teachers to plan a suitable program if a child is only attending 1 day per week.

7. Am I able to claim government subsidies if I enrol at Little Assets?

Yes, we are a registered childcare provider which means that you are able to claim the Government subsidies relating to your childcare based on your eligibility.

8. What is the New Child Care Package/Child Care Subsidy?

From 2 July 2018, the Government launched its new Child Care Package. The Package intends to helpparents with children aged 0 – 13 work, train, study and volunteer. The Package includes a new Child Care Subsidy, which replaces the old Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate system. It will be paid directly to services

Three things will determine your level of subsidy:

  1. Combined family income
  2. Activity level of families – activity level is the ‘recognised activities’ that enables a family to claim a subsidy (eg: work, study or training) up to a maximum of 100 hours per fortnight based on the parent with the least number of hours.
  3. Type of childcare –for Little Assets this is Long Day Care services and the hourly rate is capped at $11.77
9. How do I check my eligibility?

Some basic requirements must be satisfied for an individual to be eligible to receive Child Care Subsidy (CCS)for their child. These include:

  • the age of the child (must be 13 or under and not attending secondary school
  • the individual, or their partner, meeting the residency requirements.
  • the child meeting immunisation requirements

(All children must have an up-to-date copy of the following documents to be able to commence at Little Assets)

AIR Immunisation History Statement – for children fully immunised for their age, or AIR Immunisation History Form – if the child is on a recognised catch-up schedule)

10. How do I apply for Child Care Subsidy?
  • Firstly contact Centrelink to register for a Customer Reference Number (CRN) for both the individual and their child – (visit them or contact them by phone – 136 150)
  • Inform them that you wish to claim CCS for your child
  • Register for a myGov account online and link it to Centrelink
  • Input your Activity Levels and your combined family Income for the financial year
  • Provide both the individual and their child’s CRN to Little Assets so we can make a connection to Centrelink to ensure you can receive CCS payments
  • Once a connection to Centrelink is made, you will receive notification to approve the enrolment notice. Instructions can be found here: Visit the enrolments tab in your myGov account to approve your child’s child care details i.e the centre they are enrolled at, days they are enrolled and the daily rate
  • Authorise your Complying Written Agreement when you enrol your child with Little Assets (This will be part of your enrolment form)
11. What are some of the most common issues relating to receiving child care subsidy?
  • The details of my child’s enrolment are incorrect e.g. the days enrolled for do not match/there is an extra casual day recorded or not recorded / the day rate is incorrect.
  • Prior to disputing the details in myGov, please contact us on (03) 96202887 so we can discuss any issues with your child’s enrolment and discuss what steps need to be taken to correct them
  • There are no enrolment details in myGov
  • Please check that you have given us the correct CRN numbers for both yourself and your child
  • That you have completed your myGov assessment so you are registered to receive the CCS
  • My CCS connection has been ended. This may be due to taking extended leave (more than 8 weeks). All children’s CCS payments will be automatically ceased by Centrelink if they have not attended care for more than 8 weeks. A new connection will need to be made upon return to the centre.
12. Fees

The daily fee depends on the centre they are enrolled at.

13. What does the fee include?

Music and foreign language programs
Sports program based on age groups
Nutritionally sound meals and snacks
Cow and soy milk

14. Do I pay fees during public holidays and if so “Why”?

All accounts are charged on public holidays in line with the centre’s fee policy. The reason we need to charge on public holidays is because we have every day costs that take place, regardless of whether children are at the centre or not.

15. Little Assets COVID-19 Response

At Little Assets we have a Covid Safe plan in place, so that we can act immediately, appropriately and efficiently when advised by health authorities. Our Covid Safe plan has been developed in conjunction with the current health advice and announcements made from Public Health Victoria and Department of Early childhood education alongside the COVID-19 updates. 

Download our COVID-19 safe plan for more information on our protocols.

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Anjali Rauniyar (Centre Manager)

Anjali has been working as a Centre Manger for Little Assets for the past 4 years. Prior to this, she worked in the capacity of Assistant Manager for 3 years at Little Assets. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social work, Diploma in Community welfare and also Diploma in Children’s services and has over 10 years’ experience in early childhood education.

She believes that working in partnership with families is vital in creating a community where children feel safe and secure. Having worked in a number of different fields relating to children and their well- being in both Nepal and Australia, she brings in a mix of culture; passion for learning and a strong drive to ensure the wellbeing and education of children is given utmost priority.

Samantha Weller (Assistant Director)

Sam has been a part of the Little Assets family since August 2011 and also has over 10 years’ experience in the Early Childhood Education. She is passionate about providing a nurturing environment for children and believes in working closely with families as a vital part in creating a community where not only children feel safe and secure but the family as a whole.

Annie Liu (Educational Leader)

Annie has been working as an Early Childhood Teacher (Kinder Teacher) at Little Assets since June, 2015. She completed her 1st Master of Teaching at Melbourne Uni in 2011 and her 2nd Master of Teaching (Early Childhood) at Monash Uni.Annie is also our Educational Leader and has been very involved in the professional development and mentoring of the educators at Little Assets. He has attended Reggio Emilia Conference as a part of her own professional development and has assimilated a lot of her learning in creating our own curriculum at Little Assets.

Jasmin Robles (Team Leader)

Jasmin has been working at Little Assets for 4 years now and is the Team Leader in Blue Room. She is a mum of two and is a natural around children. She is warm, passionate and extremely caring. She believes that all children are individuals and need to be catered depending on their interests, needs, culture and developmental stages.

Yaoping Hu (Team Leader)

Yaoping Hu also known as Ping is the Team Leader of Blue Room. She is a mother of two and comes from a Chinese background. She has been working at Little Assets since March 2011. She loves children and enjoys playing with them by supporting their interests and developmental needs. She also believes that parents are the child’s first educators and therefore encourages parental participation and input at all times, whilst respecting individual lifestyles, values and beliefs, and their rights and opinions.

Ashleigh Toman (Team Leader)

Ashleigh has Diploma in children’s services and currently is enrolled in Bachelors of Early Childhood Education. She work as a Team Leader for our 2-3 year old room which is also known as our Green room. She has a passion for watching children learn and grow by setting up engaging play spaces for them to learn from. She has been with Little Assets for over 4 years now.

Nenka Geyer (Team Leader)

Nenka is the Team Leader in Red Room. She has natural nurturing skills and great interactive skills. She loves being around children. And children love being around her. Her social and friendly nature makes her capable of connecting with children. For her, it is the most fulfilling career ever.

Melissa Jiang (Team Leader)

Melissa is the Team Leader and Early Childhood Teacher for Purple Room which is also our 3 year old Pre-Kinder. She finds working with children extremely fulfilling and is always finding new ways to help children reach their full potential. She is calm and relaxed in her approach which definitely is a must skill to have as an early childhood educator.



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Information for Parents

At Little Assets Early Learning Centre, families and educators come together to share, learn and grow while each child reaches their maximum potential. In our Parent Handbook, you’ll find crucial information on our childcare centre in Melbourne and learn about the day-to-day practices we uphold. Below, we’re explaining some of the key sections of the handbook.


About Us – Our Philosophy and Values

Learn about our educators and the early learning centre itself. Little Assets is dedicated to planning and reviewing our practices regularly.

Our Curriculum

Little Assets follows the Early Years Learning Framework to achieve a range of learning outcomes that will benefit your child. Learn more about the technology we use and how parents can get involved.

Enrolment Information

Discover our enrolment guidelines to help you quickly and effectively become a part of our community. Read about our fees, payments and bond requirements.

Daily Requirements

Learn how to sign in and out of Little Assets each day, and discover the most efficient way to pick up and drop off your child. This section also covers sick days and late pick-ups.

Health and Wellbeing

Read about our sickness and incident policies, and gain valuable insight into clothing and toileting your child while they receive their early education.

Food and Nutrition

We offer nutritious meals for all dietary requirements. Discover how we plan meals, and read our policy on bringing outside food into the centre.

Our Community

We partner with neighbours, schools, local businesses and organisations to foster a sense of community while teaching children the importance of giving back.

Starting Your Journey

Learn how to prepare and pack for your child’s first day at Little Assets. Knowing what to expect can make the transition much easier.

Raising Concerns

Read our processes for raising concerns about your child’s education and wellbeing at Little Assets. Your feedback helps us continuously improve.

Get in Touch for Further Information

If you have a question and can’t find the answers in the Parent Handbook, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.
You can call us on (03) 9620 2887 or contact us online.